For Designers

Built to be designer friendly

Back40 Catalyst comes out of the box with CSS coded for every module in the system. That means you’ll spend less time creating a CSS framework and more time styling your website. Whether you code in tables or divs our system will generate friendly code to accommodate your style. Menus accomodate your CSS or can be built using the dynamic menu generator. Design with less limitations.

See first hand how Back40 Catalyst can help you save time and money on your site. It’s easy to get started!

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We can code it for you

Not crazy about coding your site or just don’t have the time or resources to get the job done? Let us get the job done for you! Contact us to get a quote.

See how it’s good for businesses

Just because a content management system is good for designers, doesn’t mean it’s good for businesses. See how Back40 Catalyst can give your clients valuable tools for running their business online.

Tag based.

Any module in the Back40 Catalyst system can be assembled using a template made up of tags. These tags can pull in a photo for a product, the date for a press release, even the answer to a frequently asked question using AJAX. New tags are being introduced all the time for enhanced functionality with easy integration. The best part is all the modules come populated with the most popular tags out of the box!

Dreamweaver Plugin

By far our most popular feature is the Triangle plugin for Dreamweaver. Now supporting CS4 for both Mac and PC, Triangle allows you to code in a familiar environment while having access to a complete suite of Back40 Catalyst site building features. Access and update templates, web pages, utilize ready to use modules, even differentiate between working and live copies!

Shopping Cart built right in

Most content management systems don’t have an easy way to integrate selling products online. Back40 Catalyst has ecommerce built right in! Your clients will be able to sell physical or digital products online, without having to worry about adding a storefront plugin or messing with expensive programming costs. Plus, get the added benefit of integrating with multiple payment gateways like and Paypal.

Email marketing

With the built-in ability to send out targeted email marketing campaigns, your clients will keep the their message upfront and center. With just a few clicks, your clients can gain valuable insight into the campaigns they send out and access analytics for feedback on campaign performance.

Drag and drop form building

We know that building online forms can be a pain in the rear and consume valuable time that you could spend doing more important things to your clients’ sites. With drag and drop form building, creating your next form can take just a matter of minutes.