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Design isn’t the only department that will fall in love with Back40 Catalyst Marketing, Sales, and Management will also find tools to increase their effectiveness. Integrated Reporting, CRM and eCommerce modules ensure that everyone can extend their department online. Back40 Catalyst really shines by giving you an entire snapshot of how visitors do business with you online. 

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Design services at
your fingertips

Just in case you need a custom design tailored for your business and marketing, we have design services available to make sure your site is both visually stunning and strategically effective. Let us know how we can help!

We can code it for you

Even if you have an existing design but need it sliced up into clean code, we can help with that too! Contact us to get a quote.

Integrated eCommerce

If your business has goods or services to sell, Back40 Catalyst is the ideal solution. Sell widgets, virtual eWidgets, access to information, even memberships. Send a copy of your invoices to drop shippers or deliver eWidgets via email, or you can even sell abroad using multiple currencies and payment gateways.

Integrated customer database

Not only do you retain a record of every identified client that visits your website, but you can see how they have interacted with the individual modules such as eCommerce, eMarketing, Event Booking, and Forms. Back40 Catalyst also offers Client Support and Sales Automation systems paired up to client level notes and task reminders. Have your own web based CRM such as™? Utilize the built in API to interface directly to it!

Integrated reporting

What good is having everything in one system if you can’t see how the data relates across modules and by client base? Back40 Catalyst offers a full-featured website analytics system offering data on website traffic, search engine demographics, and visitor geographies to name a few. Each module including eCommerce, eMarketing and Web Forms also features in-depth reporting.

Blogs and email marketing

These days, a website has to be more than just a means of showcasing what your business has to offer. Providing updated content and staying in communication with your customers is essential for success. Leverage the power of blogging with the option of allowing visitor comments with your approval. Send targeted email marketing campaigns, then track the effectiveness with analytics for each of your campaigns.

Social networking

Add your YouTube videos, display your latest tweets from Twitter, or embed a Facebook widget into your pages. You’ll gain added benefits by linking your social networking content to your site and enticing visitors to come back for all the latest and greatest stuff you have to offer.